Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today was a pretty low-key day. I worked from home on my nutrition research. I'm doing a piece about eating healthy at restaurants. It was easy at first to give general recommendations and for common cuisines like Italian and Mexican. Now I'm getting into more unfamiliar cuisines like Thai and Greek so I've had to do more research.

Later I met my crafting group for Open Knit Night. I got a little confused because the people I thought were coming couldn't make it then other people came as guests so it was a different crowd than I was expecting but fun all the same. Now that I've been organizing knitting groups for a while it's interesting to see how people come and go over time. Sometimes people move away or get busy with work and stop coming. Then new people either move to the neighborhood or take up knitting and become the new regulars.

I came home and played with Little Kitty for a while. It's crazy how much energy he has to chase after things. No wonder he gets so antsy when I don't pay attention to him and starts climbing all over and getting into stuff he shouldn't. I'm going to try to make more of an effort to devote some solid playtime for him. Maybe he'll stop attacking the Big Cat so much. He bit her today on the neck and came up with a big tuft of hair but I think it's because she's shedding more than anything. He looked like he had a goatee with the hair hanging from his mouth. Will have to start brushing her more...and I thought cats were low maintenance.


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