Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Should Really Get Your Eyes Checked

Today Julian and I went to get our eyes checked. He's been squinting for ages and was in denial that his Lasiks surgery was no longer effective. I'd never thought about it but getting the surgery doesn't mean your eyes will be 20/20 forever. Anyway we found a place in Forest Hills that takes his insurance and he ordered some cool rimless square glass with blue plastic arms.

I got my eyes checked too and my prescription is pretty much the same. I did try a new pair of contacts since mine have never been comfortable and are "a generation back." I always thought I had a severe astigmatism but apparently it's only a mild one and the eye doctor thought I could get away with non-astigmatism lenses which are thinner and more comfortable. Am I the only one who for years thought it was called just "stigmatism?"

Afterwards we went to Macy's to get a few things. We both had gift cards to use. I got a pair of jeans and some "intimate apparel" as they so nicely label it. Julian got some shorts. I got a little annoyed because I brought all the coupons they sent me but there are so many rules and I couldn't use them on my jeans b/c DKNY was excluded. Booo!

Then I got home and put all my new beads away in their containers. I definately have enough beads now! Tomorrow I have to work at the hospital. Preparing self to tell people they have to eat more protein...

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  1. Lasiks surgery? Is that some sort of bladder repair thing. I had LASIK..for my eyes. And my eyes don't need a diuretic either, if that was the point of confusion. :-)