Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photo Shoot

I had a really awesome day. I got to help out at one of the magazine shoots. I even met a minor celebrity (although I'll admit I didn't know who she was until someone told me). The studio was in Chelsea. It consisted of a bunch of different really big rooms all completely white from the floor to the ceiling. One whole wall was all windows and looked out on the yard where they keep all the trains that go into Penn Station. There was also a great view of the water and the helipad at Chelsea Piers.

It was interesting to see how they put decorations and accessories together to create backdrops for each shot. Also got to watch the interactions between the crew: the models, photographers, makeup people, art director, fashion director, and the editor-in-chief. It feels like the work we do in the office is very removed from the final product so it was great to see how everything comes together.

I brought in a bag I had re-crocheted for them to shoot. I say re-crocheted because the sample had come to us from a yarn company in colors that we didn't love. Since I've been dubbed the "crochet monster" I was assigned the task of remaking it and happily complied.

I mostly helped the fashion director out. We had gotten in a couple boxes of clothes and shoes so I unpacked them and hung everything up. Then I became queen of the steam machine to get all the wrinkles out. I left after lunch to head back to the office but I'm really glad I got the opportunity. There's going to be another shoot on Tuesday and I can't wait to go.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hip Hap Birthday

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday with a trip to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens. These amazing pics speak for themselves:

This purple one was my favorite this year. It's so pretty and if you look close at the center it looks like a little face.

Alien orchid!

Breathtaking orchid wall.

Can't wait to go back when the grounds are in bloom.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What day is it?

I had one of those weird days where you feel like you're supposed to be somewhere else. It started earlier in the week when I scheduled an earring making class for my craft group. Then I realized the magazine was doing a fashion show that night and I should probably attend. But I wasn't sure if I had to and if it was worth cancelling a class I had a couple people signed up for. I went ahead and canceled it which was good 'cause when I came in the next morning they asked me to be a model in the show!

So I helped organize the clothes and figured out what I was going to wear yesterday. I thought it was fortunate that I had Thursday free then was scheduled to work at the hospital on Friday. This morning an old co-worker called me to see if I'd be at the hospital and wanted to get lunch. I wasn't so we made plans to hang out another time. Then this afternoon I got a call from the hospital. Apparently I was supposed to work there today not tomorrow. But we looked at the schedule and saw that the dates had been written in incorrectly so it was an easy mistake to make.

I got ready and left for the show. Turns out to be a good thing I went 'cause I felt closer to my co-workers and they really appreciated me helping out. It was a lot of fun too! Julian came along with some girls from my knitting group then Julian joined me for the afterparty at a nearby French restaurant.

So if the schedule hadn't been written incorrectly I would have had to work today and wouldn't have been in the show. I have a feeling this is going to lead to something more substantial. Maybe I've just been watching too much Lost recently. There's all these debates on the show about time travel and how you can't change what's meant to be. That got me and Julian talking about alternate realities and how time isn't always a straight line. I'm not sure what the truth is but I'm pretty happy right now so I'm glad I've ended up where I am.