Friday, March 20, 2009

Give Me a Bead!

I did it. I went to the bead show. I had gone to the one back in the fall and there were definitely more 'show specials' this time around. It's really overwhelming with tables and tables of gleaming crystals and beads of all types. Then there's all the vendors selling lengths of chain in gold, silver, and copper in all different shapes and sizes. There's tons of findings: clasps, bead covers, etc.

I loaded up on beads then also picked up some chain and pre-made necklace cords. I got a cool gadget called a wig-a-jig. It's basically pegs put into a block and then you can wind wire around it to get different shapes. I read a book on wire bending on the way to the show and they recommended getting one as it's faster and more consistent than doing it by hand. The vendor I bought it from specialized in selling all kinds of wire in different gauges and colors. I've been wanting to start knitting with wire and now I have no excuse to get started!

I had a good strategy of getting there 2 hours before they closed for the night. That way I could only do 2 hours worth of damage. It forced me to just look around, buy stuff I wanted, then get out. Afterwards I stopped off at the regular bead store to stock up on more storage trays. I also bought a memory wire cutter as I started experimenting with that recently and realized I can't use my regular side cutters on it.

I'm excited to get started! Maybe tomorrow...

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