Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crafting Journey

Today was a very interesting day. I went up to Westchester with the head of the book division to help out on a crafting book we're putting together. The author, Coleen Mullaney, had just gotten a shipment of supplies in and needed help putting together the crafts and getting all the instructions written out.

She was an interesting person to meet. She writes books and articles on entertaining and crafts especially for kids. It was a little surreal for me to leave the city and be in a big house with kids around and see what it's like for someone to make a career out of this sort of thing. I worked on some projects involving plastic canvas, yarn, and lanyard. I did the basic samples then took the more involved stuff home to finish this weekend.

Later Wendy dropped me off in the city as I had a private knitting lesson scheduled. We actually managed to get back early. Then Julian texted me as he was in urgent need of a cake carrier since he'd volunteered to bake for his office's monthly birthday party. I had just enough time to slip over to the Container store and then back to the atrium for my lesson. I taught Roz to cast on and knit which she was really excited about.

When I got home Julian had made a bundt cake and a tray of brownies but said they were all for the office. Booo! Luckily for me he stayed home from work today and got in the Passover shopping that I had originally planned to do today. He gave me a brownie after he'd cut them. It was soooo rich it's a good thing he's bringing the rest into work tomorrow. Well, back to crafting!

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