Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Kitty

Little Kitty came into our lives over the holidays. I find myself having a love/hate relationship with our kitten. When I come home he's super sweet and just wants to be held and purr against my neck. When he's half asleep on the couch he'll let me pet him and is really cute.

Other times he can be such a terror. In the morning he plays a game called Jump on Jen's Head and Dig Your Claws into her Hair. If that doesn't get a good shriek he moves on to part two: Bite Jen on the Face Just Narrowly Missing Her Eyes. He'll keep doing it until I get up and feed him his wet food. If I'm being lazy on the weekend I'll pull the covers all the way up over my head but this only works until I come up for air. It's also a constant battle to keep him from walking all over the kitchen counters/my beading table/the jewelry box on my nightstand, etc. As I write this he just jumped on the coffee table to lick crumbs off my plate.

We've had to cover all the little trash cans in the apartment as he'll knock them over and rummage around for pieces of plastic to crinkle and tissues to shred. His favorite is Q-tips. Clean or dirty-he doesn't mind. Over the last couple weeks he's knocked both the soap dish and cotton ball cup into the bathroom sink not only breaking them but chipping the sink. I won't even talk about what he does to my yarn. Let's just say he takes after me as a fiberphile.

I've tried to get him toys and keep them out so he's not bored. He has a kitty gym to climb. I'll wave wands around for him to chase. Several times a day he'll attempt to play with Big Cat which involves him attacking her and her trying to shake him off until she gives up and runs away.

I know these are all typical kitten things but it can be really frustrating when you just want to sleep or have some quiet time and it's constantly like, "Little Kitty get down!," "Little Kitty stop that!," "Little Kitty leave Big Cat alone!" Sometimes I wonder how I'll ever deal with children.

Just when I think I've had enough I realize I couldn't let him go. After listening to me complain my mother offered to take him for a while so her cat would have a playmate. All of a sudden I realized I'd miss him growing up. I'd have no one to make up little songs about. No one to keep me company while I unload the dishwasher (while trying to load himself) and protect me from the sock balls while I fold laundry. So Little Kitty is here to I'll just have to convince Big Cat of that.

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